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About this course

  • Free
  • 11 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

After taking this course you will be able to

  • Produce professional wig products

  • Complete a full wig in 1 hr or less

  • Increase your revenue in wig making

  • Create neat and polished wigs

  • Customize Your Wig /Elastic band and Combs

  • Install a Lace Closure

  • Proper Machine Settings For wig Making

  • Customizing Your Wig Cap

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Learn how to customize your wigs and take your making to the next level

What Are Students Asking ?

  • Is a licensed required to take this course ?

    A license is not required to take this course.

  • Is this course for beginners or advance wig makers ?

    This course is for beginners of wig making

  • Will i be able to be an expert after this course ?

    After taking this course you will have the knowledge and confidence and our continued support you will complete your first full machine made wig .With repetition and persistence you will be an expert .

  • When is access to course permitted after i've made my payment ?

    Once payment is made depending if its live course or pre recorded course once the course is completely full you will have access to the course.

  • I prefer to learn in person will this course give me the same results considering its taught online ?

    This course includes video instruction which is very detailed verbally and practically ,we also have downloads for each video which include pictures and written text to match each video to ensure each step is understood.

  • Is this course only for people looking to start a business ?

    This course is for all who are interested in wig making for many reasons,for yourself /for family /for cancer patients it is your choice we offer support and info for whatever your dreams are

  • Do you need a license to take this class ?

    A license is not required to take this course

  • Is there a certificate of completion give at the end of this course ?

  • Will this course require a lot of my time to become a master ?

    The beauty of this course is that you can go at your own pace and rewatch anything you did not get right away but there is a limited time the course material will be available.

Course Instructor

Wig Making Expert

Educator Melissa Harvey

As 20 Years cosmetology expert and 10 year cosmetology educator who has mastered the art of wig making /hair ext/Natural Hair expert. She has the passion and drive to Reach Teach and mentor the world in the art of exten/Natural hair . Breaking the learning curve and challenges in wig making. Creating courses can be quite intimidating for a novice like me coming from corporate america and transitioning to beauty eductor. In this course, walk with me on the journey on how to discover how you yes you can take a skill you are already trained in and create courses that will help millions of people who want to hear from you.Course creation that requires 3 simple keys: your process,your plan,and execution.

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What Makes Artistry Of Techniques Inc The Right Choice For You

  • Online Experience

    Online learning is the way to go and without a doubt We will be giving you extension techniques that will change your skill set that is rquire you need to be successful.

  • Work At Your Own Pace

    With our courses you set the pace logging in at your convenience

  • We Are Here for You

    After course completion we offer support , by joining our group you can stay in contact with other students who have and are staking courses to continue to share and build and bond with.

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