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    In the privacy of your own home learn all the top Wig Making/Weaving/Natural Hair/Braiding techniques. On your Lap top,Cell phone Or Desk top and I-pad

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    Log in and take your course at your own pace ,no restrictions if you need more time to learn a concept watch the course again. If you forget a technique re watch

  • Bonus material

    Here at AIT our courses offer a robust curricullum for all types of learners,there are videos/presentations/audio's/group meets/bonus videos/assignments/test /conversations for each course

Beauty Industry Expert Membership

Join our Beauty Industry Expert Membership Connect with like minded Experts /Learn Techniques /Group Coaching/Mentorship/Coach Calls/Career Development and much much more

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Online Course Creation Blog

Blue Print

This bog provides the blueprint for online course creation for beginners,from finding your niche to course development and launching. this area to describe the image or provide supporting information.

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  • What are some of the advantages of taking courses on line

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    No you do not need a license

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Ms Harvey

Your Extensions Instructor

Educator Melissa Harvey

As 20 Years cosmetology expert and 10 year cosmetology educator who has mastered the art of wig making /hair ext/Natural Hair expert. She has the passion and drive to Reach Teach and mentor the world in the art of exten/Natural hair . Breaking the learning curve and challenges in wig making. Creating courses can be quite intimidating for a novice like me coming from corporate america and transitioning to beauty eductor. In this course, walk with me on the journey on how to discover how you yes you can take a skill you are already trained in and create courses that will help millions of people who want to hear from you.Course creation that requires 3 simple keys: your process,your plan,and execution.

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